Medical Liaison Advice and Advocacy Connect

We Offer a Range of Dedicated Services for International Patients from the Midddle East who are Seeking  Medical Advice in London:

  • Medical Interpreting
  • Advocacy 
  • Journey Plan Design 
  • Navigation Services
  • Case Manangement 
  • Escorting Services
  • Home Care 
  • Concierge Services

Medical Interpreting

Highly qualified and experienced Arabic Interpreters who can confidently relay medical information between the patients and healthcare providers.


We Support, Represnt, Empower, Prtoect, and Defend our patients' rights to obtaing a high quality care which is responsive and respectfull to their needs, values, and expressed preferences.

Case Managment

We work closely with patients, families, doctors and other health care professionals to develop and coordinate a plan of care that meets the patient’s needs in a timely manner


We Help our patinets and facilitate successful access to the top healthcare providers in London. and help them navigate the often-complex world of healthcare.

Our Services


We can help you to see and get an Expert Medical Opinion from world-renowned Doctors and Surgeons from various specialities.

Your Preferable Healthcare Providers

All In One Platform

We Work to Empower Interational Patients to Communicate Efficiently with Care and Service Providers 


We work with you to understand how Embassies and Health Ofiices work and manage their sponsored patients

Advocates and Interpreters

We can provide variety of services to support patients including: Medical Interpreting,Case Management, Advocacy, Escorting, and other.

Healthcare Organizations

We can help you finding the best private Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers, and State-of-the-Art Facilities in London

Home Care

If you need a Home Care, We can assist in finding the Home Carer who you trust

Healthcare Professionals

We can book you with the top Physio, Occupational, Speach & Language Therapist as well as other Helathcare Professionals you might need

Maximizin International Patients' Experience

Our Experineced and Culturally competent Advocates are there to work with you to improve and maximize your International Patients' Experience and Improving the clinical outcome and Quality of Care and Services. 

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